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A guide to implementing a construction safety management plan

Construction sites are a dangerous place to work. There are always hazards that arise and continually change throughout the construction process. The fact is that safety management is the responsibility of everyone on the site, however, there are many sites that don’t have an adequate Work Health & Safety (WHS) plan in place when something does go wrong.

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What should be included in your construction safety management plan?

You may need to manage hundreds of events each day on a construction site, but safety is still the number one priority. All workers, including the sub-contractors, should have a good understanding of the safety procedures before work starts. It is difficult to manage and you may incur penalties without a proper WHS management plan.

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In a report entitled Imagining construction’s digital future, McKinsey & Company identified five trends that will shape construction and capital projects, with digital collaboration and mobility being one of such trends.

4 tips to managing construction safety

4 tips to managing WH&S inspections on construction sites

Workplace health and safety (WH&S) of every construction site is critical not only to the construction company managing the project, but also to all stakeholders such as the clients, consultants and sub-contractors.