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WeBuild provides a feature-packed software platform to streamline your Bid Management and eliminate communication barriers with companies pricing your projects.

WeBuild puts you in control of the bidding process 

WeBuild makes the preparation of bid packages as efficient as possible by streamlining all the tasks involved, and allowing you to remove the barriers and blockages that slow down estimating.

This ensures that your team is working collaboratively and constructively because everyone is, quite literally, working on the same page.

For set-up information, see our online User Guide.

Create packages in minutes

Work smarter not harder, right? Now it’s easy to create your bid packages for specialty trades or for an entire building.

Start by adding the required project documents, set the scope of work and invite your contractors to collaborate on your own platform. Automated system audit trails will record contractor actions and reminder notifications will help keep everyone on track.

Your bid summary screen gives you and your team a detailed overview of all packages, contractors and progress along with detailed reporting options.

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Collaborate with scope of work templates

Define the project requirements to all bidding contractors with a clear scope of work break-up. This streamlines the award process, reduces non-conforming bids and produces automated comparison reports that can be used for management sign-off.

Save time setting up a scope of work break-up by creating custom company templates that can be used across all of your projects. Your entire team can access these company templates to set a clear standard for your bid documentation.

Simple contractor adoption

Bidding sub-contractors are able to adopt the system without having to sign up for an account and all system emails can be directly replied to which automatically logs correspondence back into the system.

Our smart emails allow sub-contractors to download bid packages of unlimited size, provide options to update their status to pricing or not pricing and securely submit a quotation.

You know this is going to do more than just save time. It’s going to make all your other processes smarter too.


Streamline your
bidding process

Access your Bid Packages, Summaries and
Reports from anywhere on any smart device.


Post packages to your company portal

Customize your very own bid portal that can be linked directly to your corporate website.

Your team can then easily post details of their projects and bid packages that can then be shared and viewed by your network. Sub-contractors can then request documentation and be accepted into the package by managers.

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Automated document control

When new project documents relating to a bid package are uploaded to the project’s document register, WeBuild’s unique algorithm will automatically update your bid packages for you.

On top of that, automated document transmittal records are created and issued to all active sub-contractors. This gives you the confidence that everyone is always working from the same page.

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Expand your contractor network

When you’re in need for more market pricing for your bid packages, reach out to our growing construction community of pre-qualified contractors. This includes architectural and engineering firms, general contractors and specialty sub-contractors and suppliers.

Using our expression of interest (EOI) tool, select the contractor requirements that relate to your bid package. Our system will match you with qualified businesses and issue them an “EOI request” email detailing a summary of the project requirements.

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