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construction RFI

What is a Construction RFI?

Request for Information notices or RFIs are one of the most common, and unavoidable, admin processes for a construction project. It is always important for a contractor managing a project that RFIs are managed efficiently to minimise delays and cost overruns.

Using social technologies for better construction collaboration

Using social technologies for better construction collaboration

Construction collaboration is crucial for the success of any project. The sharing of knowledge and information among project participants is one of the fundamental components of a successful working relationship with the goal of completing the project on time, within budget and in accordance with specifications.

Can technology imporove

How technology can improve construction productivity

Construction is one of the global economy’s largest industries. It employs over 7 percent of the world’s workforce and involves an annual expenditure of around $10 trillion on related goods and services, representing 13% of global GDP. However, the construction industry has lagged behind other industries in improving its productivity.

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