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Managing Bid (Tender) Portal

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Critical Path Method: Simplifying the process for your construction business

Critical Path Method (CPM) is a defining resource for the construction industry. First developed in the late 1950s, the critical path method has been utilised in a variety of project development projects including engineering, aerospace and plant maintenance. CPM has rapidly become an essential staple for construction projects today, but many business owners are intimidated from what is perceived as a complex process.

A guide to As-Built Drawings

A Guide To Construction As Built Drawings

The value of As Built drawings is often underrated, especially their importance for the efficient management of the project after construction has been completed. This article takes a brief look at As Built drawings; what they are, how they are created and why they are important.

How to prepare the best construction client report

How to prepare a great construction client report (Infographic)

The customary monthly clients meeting is a time when you have the chance to give your clients progress updates about their project and provide them with a monthly report. Your monthly report says a lot about your professionalism and should not be rushed or overlooked. It is an ideal way to instill confidence in your clients about your company’s ability to communicate, and to demonstrate that you have a solid understanding of their project and their priorities.

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